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Gregory J Las Vegas, Nevada | January 05 2018
Just had an amazing experience with Derek from Bark Busters. We have a Dogo Argentino who is aggressive with house guests. Derek was informative and knowledgeable about our breed. He recommended a diet based on her needs, literature and educated us on long term health care for our member of our family. Remarkably, this disobedient dog, listened immediately to Derek's commands. We look forward to future training as we anticipate successful results. I highly recommend Bark Busters for training of your pets for whatever your training goals are. Permalink
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Julie B Henderson, Nevada | January 04 2018
Thank you Lisette for our first lesson with our headstrong and independent Australian Cattle dog! Although we had taken obedience classes it didn't help our boy with his aggression issues. During the first lesson Lisette helped us be consistent and in charge with verbal correction. No treats or harsh tools involved! After chatting with us about our boy and his brother, what they eat, how they interact, and what their life is like, she quickly understood his issues and developed a plan to desensitize him. What a difference! Before she left we were even able to enter the closet with the vacuum cleaner without him becoming agitated and know by doing our homework we'll be able to turn it on later with the same calm results. The boys were waiting away from the front door with small corrections instead of being underfoot and in a visitor's space. Lisette helped us to practice the exercises so we could work on our own with confidence. Before leaving she verbally went over the exercises and sent videos for us to watch just in case we need to refresh ourselves on the steps. She made certain we had both her and Derek's cell numbers, and reassured us that we could call or text with questions anytime and they would come back before the next lesson if we needed help. She made suggestions and provided a websites for items that would help our boy. The house was calmer and quieter the very first day! Our walk was easier and fun for us all as he was able to relax and begin to ignore the barking small dogs, and other people and dogs walking. Lisette is a great teacher and understands what the dogs needs as well as the humans with significant results after the first lesson! JB, Henderson Permalink
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Janet B Las Vegas, Nevada | December 28 2017
I was very impressed that treats or "punishment" are not used. My 2 yr old English Mastiff came to me a little over a month ago. He had no leash training or obedience training at all. His other people literally drug him around by his collar! Derek helped me get a collar on Henry and we walked around my yard on leash to very good results. Henry and I did about 18 minutes today on leash, and he did very well. He has been wearing his collar for a couple hours today, and doesn't seem to know it is on him. This is progress! Permalink
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Jaime C Fort Lauderdale, Florida | November 30 2017
Derek and Lissette are so amazing at what they do they are there for you with just a phone call away even text or email messaging. we adopted captain 1yr old Labrador and they began training him while he was in the rescue home and they have done 2 sessions 2-3 hour sessions, of course helping and guiding us how to educate and correct him of what's right and wrong easy techniques. Of course we totally recommend bark busters for any dog training you need no matter what age your dog is....thanks Derek and Lissette from the Cruz family Permalink
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Billie Ann L Las Vegas, Nevada | November 17 2017
"NO!" "STOP!" "Bad girl!" "AHHH!" All common and constant things said (yelled) in our house before we called Bark Busters. I have owned dogs before, but none as unruly as our sweet puppy Penelope. I say "sweet" because deep down we knew she was, and saw glimpses of it occasionally. Derek came out and trained us how to "think dog". He was at our house for about 2.5-3 hours the first time working with us and Penelope, then gave us homework! A little like school, having to remember things and do things a certain way, and having the pay off at the end. It's been over a month since we called Derek for help and the changes we have seen in our Penny are amazing. "It is a marathon, not a sprint." She is no where near winning the "Most Behaved Dog" award, but she's on her way. Now in our house you'll hear more, "Good girl!" "Good... (command, mostly leave it and drop it)" "Thank you for the kisses!" and "What a sweet girl! (because she is more now)" I only regret not calling them sooner and saving myself months of frustration! There's a reason they're the best, and worth every single penny!! Permalink
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Esther S San Francisco, California | October 14 2017
I have only just begun to work with Derek and Lissette @ Bark Busters but I am very excited to continue my training. I was feeling helpless before Lissette came in and gave me some tools to work with. After just the first training session I began to feel empowered. I have the tools to be successful and the support I need to raise a well mannered dog. Derek and Lissette are always just a phone call away. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bark Busters. I would highly recommend their services. Permalink
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LaDonna L
LaDonna L Las Vegas, Nevada | September 29 2017
My husband and I heard about Derrek and Lissette@ BarkBusters when we adopted our 2 year old Pit bull from Henderson Animal Shelter. We hired them in February to help us train him along with a 9 year old Yorkie and a Morkie pup! I can't say enough GREAT about this couple. They are professional, kind, caring people. Their hearts are huge with so much genuine concern for the dogs and the owners. They are quick to come back whenever needed or to just talk through situations over the phone. They are so patient! Well worth the investment. Just be ready to do your homework. Permalink
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Courtney R
Courtney R Las Vegas, Nevada | September 20 2017
I have a 3 year old pitbull with fear aggression, food aggression, pulls on walks, anxiety, jumps, you name it. After being with Bark Busters for 5 months, our dog has shown amazing progress!! He no longer pulls on walks, rarely jumps, won't even touch his food/treats until I allow him to, and he is slowly, but surely, showing less aggression towards strangers. It is definitely a process but if you're willing to put in the effort and practice, practice, practice, you will not be sorry! Lissette and Derek are wonderful trainers! They really have a passion for this and are very knowledgeable people. They're very quick to respond with any questions you may have and give great recommendations on just about everything to make sure your pet is getting the best care. I love that they also only use positive reinforcement. The fact that you're also paying for the LIFE of the DOG and Bark Busters are located just about all over the US is awesome; definitely worth the money! I give them 5 stars and recommend them to anyone having dog issues. Your dog deserves the best life and Lissette and Derek can help! Permalink
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CamThi D Las Vegas, Nevada | September 07 2017
This is my 1st experience with a puppy & training. I had no idea what to expect. Both Derek & Lissette are very knowledgeable in the field. Not only did they customize training sessions around our house for our mutt, a Huskie LabraDoodle, but they gave us great advice on nutrition & sleeping arrangements. Our lil man has excelled in his potty training & jogging alongside with me within a month. I am very pleased with my results & their instructions for success. I highly recommend their services. Permalink
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Kat D
Kat D Henderson, Nevada | September 04 2017
We rescued our 8 year old miniature Dachshund, Gusto, 5 years ago. He has always had anxiety based aggression: non-stop barking, running around the house, has bitten my husband and more friends then I'd care to share, couldn't ride in the car without screaming and scrambling and was insanely protective of me. We contacted Bark Busters Las Vegas 7 days ago, spoke to Derek and Lissette was at our home 2 days later. I only wish we had given our household this gift of peace years ago! Lissette came to our home by herself last Wednesday as they felt that that was the best approach due to his aggression. 2.5 hours later, we had homework, a new hierarchy and a very different dog. We've done the homework every day, followed all her instructions and 5 days later: 1) My sister came to visit this weekend. There was no terrifying barking, herding, snarling, stalking. Gusto jumped up on the couch next to her, rolled over and let her pet his belly. 2) He rode in the car, silently in the back seat for a full lap around the block. I can't wait to see this progress!!!! ROAD TRIPS! 3) I was home alone today and the doorbell rang. Within 5 seconds I had him silent, sitting perfectly still 10 feet behind me and he STAYED there while I opened the door, had a minute-long conversation with 2 men, closed the door and turned to face him. Then he waited until I called him over, showered him with praise and tons of belly rubs! We will diligently continue with our daily homework. It is an absolute joy as the results are painless and complete! They are scheduled to come visit again in 2 weeks and I can't wait to continue reprogramming all of the mammals under our roof :-). Thank you Bark Buster Las Vegas for giving us peace and harmony with ZERO shock collars, treat rewards (our old food monster is gone!) or cruel feeling training methods! Permalink
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