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Marie G Las Vegas, Nevada | April 18 2019
Both Derek and Lesette are fantastic trainers. They are experienced in every aspect of dogs. I wanted another dog to keep mine company while I was working. They both took the time to help me find the right match. I really like the fact that when I text or call, I get an answer IMMEDIATELY. They don't use hitting, shock collars or any of the one-time fixes. They don't train the dogs, they train YOU - that's awesome. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most! Permalink
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Monica O Las Vegas, Nevada | April 05 2019
Lissette is absolutely awesome! She came to our house to do some training and with her expertise just after 1 training session our dogs are doing great. One of our dogs used to pull on the leash and now she no longer pulls and is actually able to walk with us without a leash and stay in unison with us while walking. Both of our dogs were a little hefty and with her high knowledge of Nutrient we changed to a high protein diet and they are doing very well. It's amazing how much veggies, eggs and a good Nutrition dry dog food will do for your little ones. They eat better than we do now, lol. Whenever we have a simple questions she is always quick to give a response. Bark Busters is well worth the $$ and it's lifetime guaranteed for the life of your furbabies Permalink
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Mary B Las Vegas, Nevada | February 22 2019
Though she had learned basic commands, our greatest concern for our 11 month old Porti was her apparent aggressive tendencies. ONE visit with Derek and we were jumping for joy at the transformation of our pup. He immediately assessed the pups behavior, gave us some techniques to try and showed us our "aggressive" pup just needed better communication from us. She wasn't aggressive at all!! Derek worked with us, showing us how to give our pup the confidence she, and we, needed. He has returned to evaluate our progress and to make suggestions on improving our training techniques. He is always available, be it by phone or in person. We were so impressed with him that we signed our brand new puppy up for training with him. Permalink
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Shani P Olney, Maryland | February 19 2019
I have to admit.. I didn't think barking at my dogs and talk their language will work the way it does. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me! I have tried so many trainers and different approaches before and they all were disrespectful and harmful to my dogs, e collars, prong collars, all using force and not communication. THIS GUYS ARE DIFFERENT!!!! They are so professional, true animal lovers, none judgmental, informative and totally available 24/7 100%. Best service I have ever experienced by far!!! We had our first lesson yesterday and just by following few simple exercises I already see a difference in my dogs. We have three large dogs, two pit bulls and a Rottweiler with many different issues and I feel confident, first time ever, that our lives and theirs are going to be significantly improved!! Thank you Derek and Lissette!!! I truly appreciate your doing!!! And Dali, Gala & Koi are sending kisses Permalink
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Alinah L Las Vegas, Nevada | February 14 2019
I'm so happy I went with bark busters!!! I have an aggressive Great Dane (that's still in training) and before the training I really thought it was going to be impossible to help her with her aggression but after one training I saw a difference right away... they can train any dog any size and with any kind of problem. They are so flexible with your schedule & their training technique is amazing!!! Nothing but 5 stars Permalink
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Carrie M Henderson, Nevada | January 21 2019
Cant tell you how happy I am right now, I've been debating getting rid of my cat because he's been having a lot of problems. Lissette helped me over the phone and explained exactly what was happening and why. she is very informative and answered every question I had and helped me with my cat's anxiety. she didn't charge me or pressure me into a lesson, just genuinely wanted to help me. I know they are dog trainers but I didn't know what to do or who to ask, I'm so grateful for her!!! Permalink
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Danielle P Henderson, Nevada | January 13 2019
I'm so happy to have found Derek and Lissette! I absolutely love that there is no harm done during the training of your animal. My puppy had serious anxiety and acted out because of this. They have helped Bruno so much! It's so nice to know that they are only a phone call away forever! I highly recommend Bark Busters if you want to have an amazing training experience. Permalink
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Nancy M Las Vegas, Nevada | January 12 2019
We had trained with Bark Busters 4 years ago. They were the 4th trainer we worked with for our new pup and her older brother. We were happy to say back then that we found the right place to deal with our reactive pup's transition to her forever home. It was pretty shaky back then. We were overwhelmed with her behaviors. Christine (trainer back then) really took the time to explain all her behaviors and gave complete exercises to help us all progress. We were relieved and so grateful to her. Fast forward 4 years. Pup started attacking her older brother who is now elderly and a little on the frail side. We were nervous about this new behavior and wanted to make certain our pup was not going to be a danger for our other pup or people. Derek got back to us very quickly. (Especially when you consider we contacted 5 other trainers and only got a reply from one of them.) Derek and I chatted on the phone for close to an hour about our concerns and gave us some easy to implement strategies to start immediately until he could come out. He quickly brought up the lifetime guarantee and that there would not be a charge for him to comeback out and help us. (I was shocked that it really was true). When Derek came out he was extremely helpful. We have some new exercises to work on with our pups. We will not make the same mistake and not continue the techniques the rest of our pups' lives! The other important thing to note is how our dogs reacted to Derek. Our normally very reactive pup was on alert but for her very calm. His confident demeanor helped all of us be more confident. In one session we made good progress with our pup. We are so grateful to Bark Busters and Derek. While we know we need to be more aware with our reactive pup, we are optimistic about the future!! Thank you Derek!! Permalink
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Karen L Las Vegas, Nevada | December 18 2018
Lissette came to our home on Friday and I am so glad I contacted Bark Busters! My four month old Morkie was running the house. Lissette got Maggie to listen and obey the very first session. She was a wealth of knowledge and I learned so much. She trained me and my father too! We are practicing everyday, we have claimed leadership, and Maggie is progressing. I highly recommend Lissette and Derek if you are looking for the best most effective trainers! Permalink
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Katherine J Las Vegas, Nevada | December 06 2018
Derek and Lissette are amazing we saw a difference in one session with our dog! They are truly life savers and you can really tell they actually care about the animals they are helping! God bless them they are saving my sweet boy from endless shadow chasing and anxiety. Permalink
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