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H K | September 08 2016
Sharon was great! Her insight and tips were easy for me to practice and incorporate into our routines, and seemed easy for Gus to pick up. His barking has definitely calmed down, and with me learning how to behave like the lead dog, he seems much more relaxed in general. I would definitely recommend Sharon to others; she was patient, took the time to explain the logic behind the BarkBusters technique, and worked with me to run through the drills and behavior changes that will be helpful for Gus. I'm very thankful for her expertise! Permalink
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Jay D | September 08 2016
We hired Sharon when Winston was a puppy and she did a wonderful job teaching us dog language". We used her techniques throughout the year. She worked with our schedule to make it convenient when she came to our house to train. But the awesome part was that when our training was over and I called her 6-months later for advice she met me and helped me with our current issue with Winston. She was so willing to help and I am grateful. She is very dedicated to what she does and I would recommend her to anyone!!""" Permalink
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Ashlyn B | September 08 2016
Thank you so much, Sharon! My dog's barking was out of control and with just two sessions, he is back to his happy, quiet self. Truthfully, I think I needed more training than Kobe and Sharon made it much less than frustrating than trying to do it on my own. She identified the issues with ease and provided solutions. The training was easy to learn and instantly effective, after a bit of practice. The Bark Busters walking harnesses are amazing and walks are now a breeze. I am extremely grateful for such an awesome experience and would recommend Sharon to anyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Permalink
Trainer note from Sharon K : Ashlyn, Thank you so much! I know you and Brian were doubtful that the improvements could be made so quickly. You guys did great! Having an open mind- to learn to think like your dogs - and the willingness to change a few of your own habits is all it takes....along with all those not so obvious details that dogs notice & humans don't. I'm glad we were able to resolve so much in just 2 visits, but I'm here for you if you ever need more help or advice! Pet them both for me!
Jessica W
Jessica W | May 29 2015
Sharon was great! She was very descriptive in her training from basic commands to body language demonstrations. Originally did not fully know what to expect from the training but Sharon went above and beyond expectations! Permalink
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Fort Meade | November 28 2008
The person who thought of this is a genius! Permalink
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Severn | November 28 2008
I have recommended Bark Busters to all of my friends and family who own dogs. Understanding 'dog language' has made the relationship between my dogs and myself easier to deal with. Permalink
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Gambrills | November 30 -0001
My dog responded immediately! Sharon did an excellent job! Pepper responded to her as if she were part of our family. Permalink
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Odenton | November 30 -0001
I can't believe what a short time it took to make some progress. I told my husband it would take a miracle. Sharon did a fantastic job and we couldn't be more pleased. I say we" because I feel a difference in my dogs' attitudes especially Mariah. All 3 dogs seem more quiet and relaxed hopefully because they are starting to think ""Maybe our mom IS the leader of our little pack & we can take a well-deserved vacation after 12 years!"" ~ I took the 3 of them for a long walk/run. They did very well and I had no problem controlling them which is quite unusual. They did not bark at anyone including a few dogs close by. They did not bark at all in the car at a stop sign with a couple walking by with their two dogs. Normally the car is shaking literally all over and I cannot keep them quiet. I'm beginning to like my power!!"" " Permalink
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Severn | November 30 -0001
I feel the investment we made with Sharon and Bark Busters was very worthwhile. As much as she was able to explain the what to do she also taught us the why to do" and the ""how to do."" It is important to understand that our four yellow Labs range in age and temperament and our desire for them to live harmoniously with us and each other is a necessity. We chose Bark Busters on our vet's recommendation. With Sharon's instruction and our understanding of the Bark Busters philosophy and techniques we feel we have an upper hand in keeping the house under control. I highly recommend the Bark Busters solution and trust Sharon as their representative. You and your dog will really approve of the training you receive."" " Permalink
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Severn | November 30 -0001
Sharon did an outstanding job. It was easy for us to follow her instructions. There was a storm and power outrage during our lesson, so she simulated some of the drills once she explained everything since our dog was frightened from the thunder. The day after the 1st training, we saw results and continued improvement. Sharon came back to work with our dog when he was in his normal state and to ensure we were doing the drills correctly. She showed us even more on the second visit. It was amazing to see, so easy, yet worked so well. Sharon was outstanding. I have recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. If your dog needs any training, this method is absolutely amazing. It really works. Permalink

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