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New Windsor, NY | April 09 2009
It was amazing to see how quickly Oliver's behavior changed once the pack order was established. Permalink
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Pearl River, NY | April 06 2008
I love the 100% Guarantee and the true interest that Michelle shows with her follow ups. I highly recommend this training to all of my clients. Very happy with results. Permalink
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Pomona, NY | April 01 2008
Michelle was very clear and showed me each technique until I fully understood. There were so many things that I thought were correct, but turns out I was way off! I noticed results by the time Michelle left. Permalink
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New City | January 24 2008
We saw immediate results. Technique was explained clearly, and Michelle confirmed our understanding of methods before moving on to another exercise. Permalink
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Blauvelt, NY | November 08 2007
Everything explained seemed very logical. Very interesting and very enjoyable! Permalink
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Pearl River | October 26 2007
I was skeptical at first, but after doing the training techniques I saw definite results. Permalink
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Blauvelt, NY | August 08 2007
We have been searching for a way to reach our dog and Bark Busters has now provided us with the tools we have always needed. Thank you. Permalink
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Nanuet | July 30 2007
By the end of our session, Mardi was a much calmer dog. We didn't think it was possible for US to TRAIN HIM!! Permalink
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New City | July 03 2007
Not only did Michelle explain the techniques so I could understand, she trained me so I hardly noticed. Permalink
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Sloatsburg | June 18 2007
We were very pleased with their sudden change after two hours. I wish I knew about this training 10 years ago! Permalink

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