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Orangeburg, NY | September 18 2006
It was amazing what one BAH changed in Luna. She's like a completely different dog in an awesome way. Permalink
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New City, NY | September 06 2006
Very informative and helpful. Michelle was wonderful! Permalink
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Chestnut Ridge, NY | August 31 2006
Michelle was very good at explaining the "whys and wherefores." There is immediate response from the dogs and we feel the future is bright!! Permalink
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West Point, NY | August 25 2006
Thank you very much for your training. My trainer, Michelle McCarthy, did a very good job in explaining the program, teaching and supervising. My two Manchester Terriers responded immediately to the training. Permalink
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West Nyack, NY | August 24 2006
I felt I learned a lot about my dogs and the way they think. I also learned my pups tend to believe that they are the dominant ones - I thought I had them better trained than they actually were. Permalink
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New Windsor, NY | August 17 2006
Trainer was very thorough and professional. My dog seemed to take instantly to the training and with more work will learn to focus and listen at all times. Permalink
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Pomona, NY | July 26 2006
Michelle seems genuinely concerned/interested in my training problems. I was confident she would be able to teach me how to communicate better with my puppy. My puppy has been changed to a better behaved animal overnight. Permalink
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Chestnut Ridge, NY | June 30 2006
System is easy to understand and use. Very good response from Genesis to training. Permalink
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Nanuet, NY | June 20 2006
I really liked the training techniques that were used. They were easy to follow and were very effective. I am extremely happy with the initial results and have the utmost confidence that Zoe's bad behavior will be corrected. Permalink
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Nanuet, NY | June 01 2006
My puppy has responded very well to the training. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to continue working with Michelle. She is a great trainer. She explained the techniques clearly and worked great with my puppy. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to all my friends. Thanks! Permalink

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