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Louisvlle | March 03 2011
Bark Busters has been a great experience, and would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their dogs. I was very pleased with the natural training, as it is much better than treat training. We have enjoyed working with Doug and learning how to teach our dogs to behave, as we are on our way to a happier home. Permalink
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Louisville | January 18 2011
Bark Busters was a great experience and very helpful. I enjoyed working with Doug. He is a great trainer. Permalink
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Louisville | December 31 2010
I LOVE Bark Busters. Before we worked with Doug, my Beagle Katy would become a demon dog whenever I left the house. I also worried about how to best train her because her previous owner abused her, so I wanted a trainer who would be especially sensitive and gentle with her. As soon as I started using Bark Busters' methods to help give her healthy boundaries, my very quiet and laid back (sometimes fearful) Katy learned to be happy and content-even when I'm not there. It also helped bring a lot of trust to our relationship. Doug not only helped me teach Katy to be independent, but his simple explanations and encouragement gave me the skills I needed to be the leader in our home while building Katy's confidence. Thanks to Doug and Bark Busters! You guys are the best! Permalink
Louisville | December 17 2010
Doug's presentation was simple, clear, and comprehensive. My dog responded immediately, and more amazingly, it still works! All the training was very humane, which is the most important to me. In a nutshell, the training was kind, dog-friendly, and very effective. What more could you want? Permalink
Louisville | December 09 2010
I am so happy that I called Bark Busters. Doug answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the training. He made me feel very relaxed, and I was able to control my dogs on leash. I have told friends and family about Bark Busters, because this is the best training technique. I was amazed at how quickly my bloodhounds responded. I look forward to walking both dogs. Permalink
Louisville | November 02 2010
I cannot express how satisfied we are with this training. It has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience. My neighbor also commented on how amazing the change has been. This training has changed our lives, as Doug gave us the tools to help our dog. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service! Permalink
Louisville | October 20 2010
I was amazed! My dog responded very well and I was being educated on how to be a leader of my pack. Doug demonstrated excellent communication methods as well as demonstrating the "how to" methods. There is no stressor activities with the training and the techniques are effective and rewarding to the dog and myself. My dog and I are having fun that we have never had before! Permalink
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Jeffersonville | October 01 2010
Doug was awesome and explained everything in an understandable and friendly way. We love how humane the training is. Who knew that I would get such great results with so little effort? Permalink
Mount Washington | September 23 2010
Doug was great. Very knowledgeable. You could tell he loves what he does and believes in the training material. Permalink
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Louisville | September 14 2010
We were getting frustrated with ourselves and our dog, which is why we called Bark Busters. We definitely noticed results by the end of the first lesson, and by the end of the revisits, we almost have a new dog! Doug was very patient and helpful. Anything we didn't understand, he clarified until we did. We have already recommended Bark Busters to one friend, and will continue to do so. Permalink

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