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Louisville | July 02 2008
The training techniques were basic enough that even our 4-year-old understood! We observed a noticeable difference within 5 minutes of training and it got better and better and better. We have actually gained control and are no longer embarrassed taking our dogs for walks. Bernard is a totally different and very happy dog, which makes us very happy! Permalink
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Louisville | June 22 2008
I thought my dog would never change, but the training is truly amazing. No one can believe it's the same dog. Permalink
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Louisville | June 21 2008
We were amazed! We had results in the first 10 minutes of training with our 5-month-old golden retriever mix. After our first 2-hour lesson, our dog was not jumping, was able to walk at our side without pulling in the leash, sitting, staying and coming on demand. Doug was wonderful and helped us understand "how a dog thinks." The next morning, our dog was still obeying and following directions. We are going to continue the program 10-15 minutes a day as instructed and look forward to showing Doug on his next visit how well the program is working for us. I would highly recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Louisville | June 16 2008
Excellent training program! Amazing results!! Permalink
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Louisville | May 26 2008
I was as impressed with Doug as I was with the program. He is kind and patient an worked as well with me as with the dogs. I've read books, watch "The Dog Whisperer", and taken my dogs to class. Nothing has achieved these results. Permalink
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Louisville | May 24 2008
I love the concept of emulating the typical dog responses. I am very pleased, and I had fun. My mom and several others have commented on how calm the dogs are. Not only did they know commands and what to expect in any given situation, they are more at peace with understanding their role in my pack. Permalink
Crestwood | May 13 2008
Immediate results with my dog, Tripp. He would not go into him kennel at all and before Doug left Tripp was walking in and out of the kennel with little coaxing. I've had Tripp since he was a puppy and as issues have come up as he has gotten older I have been able to call Doug and he has always been very helpful Thank you! Permalink
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Louisville | May 13 2008
We were very pleased with Doug Rountree, his explanation and the immediate results we saw Permalink
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Louisville | April 06 2008
Doug did a great job taking time with my wife and I when we needed extra attention with certain techniques. We couldn't believe the difference by the end of the first session. The training was easy to understand, quick to implement, and the dogs responded quickly! Permalink
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Louisville | April 06 2008
In the past two years, I have worked with four trainers and a behavioral specialist, each with different methods, but my dog was not receptive to them. I was told that I needed to have him put on medication to control his aggression. My vet recommended Bark Busters and he responded instantly to their methods. They resolved all of his behavior issues in less than two hours. Permalink

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