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Louisville | October 19 2007
Doug was easy to talk to and ask questions. No question was too small. It was an enjoyable experience for both me and my dog. I like the fact that I have help whenever I need it. Permalink
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Louisville | October 15 2007
Our dog is very spoiled and stubborn. We saw positive results in a very short time, within minutes after Doug started working with him. Permalink
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Louisville | October 04 2007
It is simple, logical, loving and respectful to animal (and owners) and it works! I appreciate the comprehensive way it educates - from passive dominance and individual realistic expectations for each dog, to in-the-moment correction and praise. Permalink
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Louisville | September 12 2007
Doug has a wonderful manner with people and dogs. Amazing results! Permalink
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Louisville | September 02 2007
Amazing results! Very respectful, effective, informative Permalink
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Louisville | August 28 2007
I was able to begin enjoying my puppy instead of being afraid he was going to bite me. I was very happy with the way my puppy began to obey my commands. I was very pleased with Doug and I certainly recommend Bark Busters and knowing I can call them if I ever should need them again. Permalink
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Louisville | August 27 2007
Doug made it very easy to understand the steps it took to correct the dog correctly! Very pleased and relieved that I didn't have to feed them treats the whole time. I now have perfect dogs! Permalink
Louisville | July 10 2007
I am the proud mom of two adorable females, Lucy and Gracie, who are each under 20 lbs, both just under 2 years of age. They haven't given me a day's worry, except for a little barking on the porch, so I never thought about training assistance outside the ordinary treat-based puppy class. :) Then came the boy...Brady. He was a cute, 5 lb. sweetheart when I adopted him, and in 11 months exploded into an 85 lb. Lab-Great Dane mix who was running the household! His favorite game became "you're the criminal and I'm the police dog" - which of course involved jumping, mouthing my arms hard enough to pull me off balance, and barking mindlessly in his deep baritone! I was at my wit's end, and seriously considered finding him a new home on an ice farm at the South Pole...but I couldn't bear to part with the big lug. Permalink

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