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Kelly C Tampa, Florida | November 26 2014
I was able to practice the techniques with Joanne. She explained the techniques clearly and calmly. I definitely observed noticeable results. Even my husband commented on the change in behavior and that we had only been working on the techniques for one day. I like the natural training techniques since that's where Buddy's behavior issues are. Buddy seemed more receptive to the one-on-one training. The material was presented clearly. I was left with additional reading material which I found helpful. I also received an e-mail within a day with some very interesting links on dog behavior. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Even after having three dogs, I am learning new and more effective techniques. By the end of the first lesson, there was a noticeable difference in how I was directing both dogs and how the dogs were responding. It is amazing to see. Buddy responded without me forcing him to do it. I feel that I am gaining the knowledge and tools to have a happy and behaved family dog. Permalink
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Carla S Tampa, Florida | October 27 2014
Go Bark Busters! This is a very good company and I've learned so much from them. I highly recommend Bark Busters because they are very professional and very knowledgeable about dog training, not only that but the the results are mind blowing. Thank you Joanne, We Appreciate all your help The Smith Family Permalink
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Michael R Seffner, Florida | October 24 2014
Owners of a very frisky/barky Chihuahua. Joanne taught us how to control/stop his barking, to follow our commands, to control/stop his aggression when seeing other animals/people especially on walks. She taught us how to properly lead the dog on walks. How to control/stop his aggressiveness when people came into our home. Joanne also taught us how to teach the dog to cohabitate with a recently introduced cat into the home. Joanne was a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased with the results. The fact that Bark Busters offers a lifetime guaranty and the fact that this company was endorsed by our Vet helped us in our decision to pick this company. Permalink
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Leslie V Tampa, Florida | October 08 2014
The opening presentation/discussion was very helpful! The training methods appear to be effective. We like the limited use of treats and the positive verbal reinforcement. We absolutely enjoyed the training experience. Joanne is personable and effective. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Rhonda C
Rhonda C Wesley Chapel, Florida | October 02 2014
We started having aggression issues with our dog Dexter, we did not know how to handle or deal with him. Joanne was recommended to me, I am grateful she was, she taught and showed us the correct ways to handle our dog. We have been using all her training and tips, and successfully it is working great. Joanne is an excellent trainer, I highly recommend using her. Permalink
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Donna P Land O lakes, Florida | September 30 2014
Joanne was great! She really took the time to listen to our concerns. Thank you. Permalink
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Cory G Riverview, Florida | September 28 2014
Thank you for all your help. Chiquita and Dole are better with the training :-). Permalink
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Chris B Lithia, Florida | September 21 2014
We observed a much improved response after the training. Permalink
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Kelly G Tampa, Florida | September 12 2014
Our family first met Joanne with Barkbusters in May 2013 when we called her to help us with some additional training for our Goldendoodle Paisley. At the time Paisley was cruising the counters, stealing (and EATING) laundry and not practicing good manners when on her leash. After our initial visit with Joanne Paisley was a different dog. The training techniques that we were taught by Joanne are wonderful. Joanne not only tells/shows you what to do with your pet, she then has you demonstrate the technique so she can make sure it will be done effectively when you practice on your own. Since our initial visit in May 2013 I have called Joanne a few times on other issues that cropped up with Paisley (specifically, picky eating). Joanne gave me great advice on how to deal with the issue and in no time Paisley was back on track with eating her dog food. The best part of Barkbusters to our family is the lifetime package. Its a significant investment on the front end but knowing that I can call Joanne a year later and get the same level of support I got when I signed our agreement is totally worth it. Recently Paisley has begun to misbehave when on her leash. I called Joanne and arranged for an additional training visit to review the leash walking techniques we went over on her first visit. I was SO HAPPY to know that a company that offers a Lifetime package actually honors that package. After Joanne's visit today I am sure Paisley will be much better about walking on her leash. I also know that if any other issues present themselves I can call Joanne at any time and have her come back out for another visit. Joanne and Barkbusters are wonderful and I would (and have) recommended them to anyone with a dog! Permalink
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Alicia W Seffner, Florida | September 09 2014
Joanne was great. She taught us simple ways to use in training Toby. We saw results on the first visit. Wish I would've hired Bark Busters a year ago. Permalink
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