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Riverview | February 18 2009
We can't wait until our household becomes peaceful again. We have already seen a noticeable difference. Thank you! Permalink
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Ruskin | February 18 2009
I know that once Paul and I have the training techniques down pat that we will see amazing results. Thanks a bunch! Permalink
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Ruskin | January 19 2009
We were able to get him to sit and stay (not jump on people) when our neighbors rang the bell and came in. It was very "empowering" to be able to control a 70-pound Lab. Joanne was very professional, personable, and focused on our goals. Permalink
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Riverview | December 29 2008
Joanne helped to make learning easy and simple. It really has helped already. Permalink
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Ruskin | December 16 2008
Joanne Rice was very knowledgeable and informative with what I need to do to solve my problems with Pickels. It will take time and lots of homework to correct the many problems. Permalink
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Valrico | December 16 2008
It takes a little while to feel comfortable with the techniques, but overall the techniques are sound and effective. After a few days of working with the new techniques, I have witnessed a noticeable difference in Marley's behavior; she is more confident, more active, follows instructions well, and seems safer in her environment. Permalink
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Lithia | December 16 2008
We were amazed at the change that occurred instantly. Permalink
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Gibsonton | November 21 2008
Joanne was very knowledgeable, experienced, and helped every time I called. My dogs are doing great. I was scared to use training because I always feared the dog would listen to the trainer and not me. But Bark Busters proved me wrong. Joanne is excellent and I am glad to have worked with her. Permalink
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Brandon | November 21 2008
Joanne had a nice, calm approach. Tillie has a lot of energy but Joanne was able to get and keep her attention. Without a doubt, I would recommend Bark Busters. It is by far the best training program we have tried. Permalink
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Sun City Center | November 21 2008
The therapist showed good training techniques. I noticed almost a complete change. The techniques were easy to follow. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Keep up the good work - our pets need it. Permalink

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