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Robin S Ankeny, Iowa | August 26 2013
Deb is great! Dante responded well to the training. I am very thankful for Deb and Bark Busters. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Sibling rivalry
Destrie I
Destrie I Clive, Iowa | August 06 2013
Deb is wonderful!! I adopted Montana from a rescue out in California and he turned out to be a handful. I had tried numerous techniques with Montana to break some bad habits he had. It was so bad that at one point, he had chewed his way through the drywall and exposed the studs, ruined the furniture by chewing, urinating in the house, opening the front door and running out of the house, among numerous "naughty" things he was doing. I was walking him, and that still didn't help at all. I sent out an SOS to Deb, and she came and spent a good 2 hours or so, working with not only me on informing me about dog behavior, but also about diet, and why Montana was the way he was and then worked with Montana. By the end of the first training session, Montana was tired, and slept. I kept working with him with the techniques that she told me to do. I noticed a change for the better after the first session. She came in for a second session and we worked on walking among other things, and he now is actually a calm, happy, content dog that without Deb, my house by now would of been completely destroyed. He still has a ways to go, but from the first training session with Deb, I have seen a huge improvement in his behavior. Deb is WONDERFUL and she takes the time to explain dog behavior, why dogs do the things they do, and is very thorough. I highly recommend Deb for any in home dog training. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety, Toileting
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West Des Moines, Iowa | June 29 2013
Deb has been WONDERFUL!! What she has done for my family and our Griffin is priceless. We started using the methods and we saw a difference right away. It is easy to do, all of my kids take part which makes it consistent. We just met for loose leash walking and I am literally walking him with my mouth open in amazement. I can not thank her enough. I recommend Deb and Bark Busters to anyone. We were trying to solve certain problems with Griffin and we actually corrected so many more. Thank you! Permalink
Urbandale, Iowa | June 10 2013
We were convinced that nothing would ever help our dog. She was very sweet, but impossible to control. We dealt with her behavior for 5 years. Impulsive, barked, pulled, forceful, and just plain didn't listen if she didn't want to. Finally we called Bark Busters and after the first session there was a dramatic change. Deb spent the time and explained how dogs think and made us realize all the mistakes we were making as owners and trainers. We never understood why our dog never listened and disobeyed until now. We are so thankful and our dog is forever changed. The more time we spend with the instructions we were taught, the better she gets. I was VERY doubtful anything could ever calm our dog down and make her listen, but Bark Busters did. We love our dog very much, like family, and are grateful that she can be taught and that we know how to do it now. Permalink
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Adel | February 09 2013
Deb has tought us so much about training our dogs and the most important part was it was really us that needed the most training. She helped us understand how dogs communicate so we can help them understand what we want them to do. My dogs picked up very quickly on what they were to learn. These methods also are great for other issues, such as our dogs fears and aggression. She also tought us about about proper nutrition and the best toys to enhance our dogs mind. If you want to teach your dog to sit and stay there are a lot of trainers out there, but if you really love your dog, want the best for them and enhance your relationship with your dog I highly recommend Deb Boswell with Bark Busters to anyone. Permalink
Johnston | December 02 2012
After the first training session we noticed a huge difference in our dog. Our dog was less anxious and more relaxed, a TOTALLY different dog. This has made our house a more peaceful environment. Loved the in-home training experience. It's great that you can train your dog without constantly giving them treats. We are constantly saying, "WOW" this really works!! I would recommend this to anyone who has a puppy or simply can't find the right training technique. We went through a 6-week puppy class that was based on treats and came out frustrated at the little progress we observed. Working with Deb within the first hour in our home we noticed a huge difference. We understand our dog better and how to work with him. THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS for helping us with Stanley!! Permalink
Des Moines | December 01 2012
Deb is very easy to work with. She explained it so that we could easily understand the homework that we have to do each night. After training one hour they (our two Corgis) were already behaving better. In the two weeks that followed, due to our persistent daily training, they are much happier and better behaved. After the second training session, I have never seen them this well behaved and I think due to the techniques that we have been taught they will just keep getting better and better. The more natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are excellent. Deb is friendly and engaging and is truly an expert. Bark Busters Home Dog Training is well worth the money! Deb does a great job and our dogs are the happiest we've ever seen them!!! Permalink
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Ankeny | October 16 2012
I did learn ways to make my minischnauzer be more aware of me! That seemed to be the biggest problem. She listens much better. With continued practice I am sure she will continue to get better than ever... Permalink
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West Des Moines | October 16 2012
We had a weak moment when we saw Sammy on the shelter website--Musky's sister/littermate had been returned by her original owner and we had to have her! But by the end of the first week we knew that having 2 assertive 17-month-old Lab/ husky pups was more than we could handle on our own. After the first lesson with Deb we were impressed with how much progress we saw and how well the techniques worked. Now Sammy and Musky have much better front door manners, I have a much calmer household and we will soon be able to walk Sammy and Musky together. We couldn't have made this much progress in such a short time without the thoughtful guidance and lessons from Deb. Thank you, Deb! Permalink
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Runnells | September 26 2012
My 2 dogs were out of control (well actually they were controlling us). Bark Busters had been recommended to me over a year ago by a friend from another city. I finally called. I'm soooo glad I did. Deb is great. I had a trainer before who was terribly condescending to the owner, I just quit going. Deb comes to our house and treats both my husband and myself as well as our dogs with total respect. She seems to fully understand every issue we have (and there are many). I saw an immediate change in my dogs and we will continue to change their behavior (and ours). I'm so thankful for Deb and Bark Busters. It's giving us a road map we didn't have before. I can see the light at the end of the barking crazy dogs!! Permalink

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