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Clive | November 16 2008
We particularly like the home-based approach where we could focus the training in the environment [our dog] Lexie will be most comfortable. Deb was a great trainer! Permalink
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West Des Moines | October 14 2008
After the first lesson Jake, my dog, was less hyper and I had more patience with him. I found the training to be very laid back, yet informative. I was somewhat nervous going into the training but the therapist eased the tension with both me and my dog. I will recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Clive | October 04 2008
Deb was wonderful. She helped us understand how our actions and reactions affect our dog's behavior. The training methods are easy to understand and implement. I am a big fan of Bark Busters. Permalink
All Creatures Small Animal Hospital | September 05 2008
I would recommend Bark Busters due to how the one-on-one allows for less distractions. The natural training is excellent -- the BAH works so much better than "No." I saw results on the first lesson, though Cressa (my dog) still needs practice. Trainer, Deb Boswell, was very nice and did a good job explaining and demonstrating. Permalink
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Nevada | May 17 2008
Sadie (Doberman rescue) is calmer and so am I. I'm very happy with the training. I find myself less frustrated - good to have a plan and assistance is a phone call away. I am pleased with the natural training methods Bark Busters uses -- I've tried other training techniques that didn't work. I feel like I am finally moving forward! I like the information and training tools left with me - the training collar is great! Permalink
West Des Moines | April 15 2008
Unbelievable results. [By the end of the first lesson] Our dog's behavior changed for the better. Absolutely exceeded expectations. Permalink
Des Moines | April 11 2008
I was pretty skeptical at first, but the 1st night after the training, my dog started barking at an air molecule (in the aquarium) & I was able to stop the barking instantly. I was absolutely amazed. It's so nice to not have to listen to nonstop barking every time there is the slighted sound. I work at a vet clinic and feel totally confident recommending Bark Busters to clients. Permalink
Des Moines | April 11 2008
The training was excellent. I like the idea of training without treats and the individual treatment given rather than in a class with several dogs. Permalink
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Des Moines | March 21 2008
We have been impressed with our dogs' response to the Bark Busters technique. I would never use training aids that were abusive to the dogs - this is a way to train that seems to make sense to the dogs. Rosey was responding during the first session and we saw continued response in the days that followed. I work at South Des Moines Veterinary Center and I would feel comfortable recommending Bark Busters to our clients. Permalink
West Des Moines | February 27 2008
We are pleased with the natural training techniques - I don't feel that I'm hurting the dogs at all. That's important. I learned a LOT about how dogs think! We saw results with Pedro during the first lesson - he responded right away. Permalink

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