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Woodbridge | August 09 2010
Pleasant experience with real results. Permalink
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Milford | August 06 2010
Before Bark Busters, we thought our dogs were beyond help. We had tried other methods without success. We learned so much in such a short time. I can't believe what a relief it is to walk them without pulling my back out. Thank you for helping us enjoy our dogs again. Permalink
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Oxford | June 16 2010
Richard and Vicki were very responsive to the needs of our children and the level of involvement they needed. Permalink
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Shelton | June 02 2010
We would recommend Bark Busters, as the training makes sense and the support is phenomenal. It is an excellent program. Vicki and Richard have been most supportive. Permalink
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West Haven | May 27 2010
Both Richard and Vicki were very professional, yet patient and understanding. They really know their stuff. Permalink
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Milford | May 20 2010
Romeo is starting to become more focused. The use of the re-visit forms are very useful to track progress. Permalink
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Bethany | May 18 2010
I could really see the changes in Trevor in the first couple of days. It has been enjoyable because I feel the techniques are working. Richard and Vicki are a pleasure. They are available whenever needed by phone or e-mail. I'm sure that we will have a very well-trained dog in the end. Permalink
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Stratford | May 12 2010
I feel much more confident in my partnership with Richard to create a safe and happy home with our boy, Jasper. Permalink
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Shelton | May 12 2010
I would recommend Bark Busters because everything worked according to plan, and it's very reliable and easy to learn for both the dog and its owner. Permalink
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Derby | May 12 2010
Richard breaks everything down simply and leaves me with a written plan. I think it is a great program. Richard has shown me helpful techniques to manage Kenzie. Permalink

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