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West Haven | July 26 2007
Richard was pleasant and encouraging. The method isn't physical or threatening to the dog. The dog gets praised frequently. Permalink
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Waterbury | July 26 2007
We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. Permalink
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Derby, CT | September 20 2006
I look forward to many years of a joyous relationship with my dogs because of Bark Busters. Permalink
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Orange, CT | September 07 2006
Results right away - great for all problems! Permalink
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Woodbury, CT | September 07 2006
The training techniques were very clear with models as needed. We love the philosophy and the fact of in-house training. We are very excited about Bark Busters training. Thank you! Permalink
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Milford, CT | September 07 2006
Richard and Vicki are very confident trainers and it shows in their actions. Our dog responded almost immediately with the simple commands. Permalink
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West Haven, CT | August 15 2006
Phenominal results on several problem areas in a very short time. Wonderful experience. Richard and Vicki are awesome to work with. Permalink
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Woodbridge, CT | August 15 2006
Seems as if it will be the solution to our problems and could be for other people as well. Permalink
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Orange, T | July 30 2006
My parents and I wanted to tell you how pleased we were with meeting you both and learning what you taught today. Even my father, who heard less than one-third of your lesson, was so impressed that when I tiptoed by his room, he called me in and told me "They are fascinating people. Even if only 10% percent of what they said works, this is a bargain. Why doesn't everyone use them?" Permalink
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West Haven, CT | July 30 2006
Bauer is doing great! People that come over are very impressed. I am glad that we don't have to use a shock collar anymore. We weren't so sure it would work on our dog as he was very wild. He is like a different dog now - taking him to other people's homes isn't embarrassing. He is a pleasure to have around now. I'm sure he is as happy as we are. Permalink

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