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San Juan Capistrano | October 02 2008
Bill rarely ever listened to my commands. Now Bill listens to my commands outside, despite environmental stimuli that would normally distract him. Overall, I have noticed a tremendous change, and I know, with a little more work, he will be almost perfect! Permalink
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Ladera Ranch | October 02 2008
Belle was very out of control with barking, digging and just not listening. Now she listens, obeys, and is enjoyable to be around! Permalink
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Newport Beach | June 22 2007
I really appreciate the training process and follow up offered by Lisa and Nelson for Baby. Also, they are a great source for any pet need referrals. Thanks to both of you. Permalink
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Corona del Mar | June 06 2007
Constant jumper--actually stopped jumping. Permalink
Aliso Viejo | June 06 2007
Bark Busters saved our home from destruction, repaired our relationships and raised our quality of life! The dedication and patience of Lisa and Nelson has made teaching Kody and Mandy easy and fun! Permalink
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Dana Point | May 29 2007
A Miracle--dogs barked and jumped. Barking has stopped and jumping is improving. Very good and VERY professional. Permalink
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San Clemente | May 24 2007
We LOVE your service. Daisy is doing well and listening. No barking after the first couple of days of training! Permalink
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Laguna Niguel | May 24 2007
We called Bark Busters because we had just adopted a 4-year-old dog from Rescue. She had issues with barking and lunging at other dogs, gardeners and truck. Lisa and Nelson spent a great deal of time explaining the way dogs thinks and why it was important for us to show Casey we were her "leaders." We applied their approach and Casey is much better! Permalink
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Laguna Beach | May 24 2007
The dog's (2 mastiffs) behavior before was unruly, and now, with training, they respond to our commands! Permalink
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Orange County, CA | December 06 2005
We obtained two adult 4 lb female Maltese's thinking because they are small and cute and adult there should be fewer problems. WRONG! After a few weeks in our home we were going crazy with the the younger one decided she was going to be the alpha and started nipping at people, mainly men. Our vet had a brochure for Bark Busters and that was the end of our problems. At the first session the barking was stopped in about 8 seconds! We were astounded and so pleased to find someone to teach us how to "think like a canine". I feel it actually saved one of our pets because had she kept biting, in our ignorance we probably would have put her down, and that would have been a shame. The other issues we are working on will be ongoing but we are so happy that Lisa and Nelson Neyers gave us the tools with which to make us happier along with our girls being happier too. I highly recommend Bark Busters, I feel we all benefit from well behaved canine companions. Permalink

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