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Nicole A
Nicole A Staten Island, Richmond, New York | March 26 2021
Let’s start with a brief history of my baby. He’s a 8yr old 90lb+ shepherd with a biting history (due to him being a guard dog in the past). He was obedient with commands but I needed help transitioning him to the island life (he was upstate before). He was showing a lot off aggression towards dogs and people, I consulted with many trainers most of which told me my dog had no chance and wasn’t trainable and there was nothing I could do with him. Robert helped me understand that it wasn’t aggression it was simply anxiety, he helped me get my baby to a point where I’m able to walk past people and dogs comfortably. My baby is very stubborn so it takes time and patience, which Robert has helped me with as well. I highly recommend Robert, even if you have a very powerful dog, Robert will give you the tips and assistance you need to have a happy pup and a more relaxed atmosphere. Plus he provides equipment that will help (how awesome)! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Jumping up, Recall, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Robert : You're doing a great job!
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Nick D Staten Island, Richmond, New York | March 14 2021
Robert is an excellent trainer and was very helpful in giving me the tools to work with my new rescue dog, Yaz. After just the first session, I have already seen progress with her. Robert explains things in a very clear and easy to understand manner. He is obviously very passionate about what he does. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling
Trainer note from Robert : Thank you, Nick. Yaz is a really sweet puppy. I appreciate you trusting me to help you guys.
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Linda H 10306, Staten Island, NY, New York | February 25 2021
I learned a lot from Robert today. very good information when you have a puppy. Robert was very sincere and personable. If you have a puppy, you should try Robert, he really knows a lot about fur babies!!!! I plan on having him come back again for more training. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Puppy management, Toileting
Trainer note from Robert : Thank you! Puppies are a handful, for sure. Louie is no exception but he did well and so did you!
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Nicole D Brooklyn, Kings, New York | January 29 2021
Robert was amazing with us. We are first time puppy owners and we're so nervous and scared. Robert helped us so much and helped us plan a schedule. We look forward to seeing him again in 3 weeks. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Puppy management, Toileting
Ryan and Jeff W
Ryan and Jeff W Staten Island, Richmond, New York | January 25 2021
Robert changed the path we were on with our rescue, Georgia. She came to us with an anxiety issue and a lot of trouble calming down. She whined and paced constantly. Robert trained US to be the leaders of her pack, and I am so glad that we will be working with him throughout Georgia’s life. We felt so much more confident that we could help her adjust simply by showing her who cares about her and who we were by taking control! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Digging, Other, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Trainer note from Robert : Georgia was definitely a nervous girl but you guys are doing a great job with her. Keep it up!
Kenneth G
Kenneth G Staten Island, Richmond, New York | January 24 2021
What a relief! Robert was what my wife and I have needed and didn’t know it. We are expecting our first child in a few months and it became apparently clear that we needed to address Monty’s many issues. Separation anxiety, aggression, manipulative behavior, pulling while walking to name a few. Robert came and immediately began to address our issues. Although the information was abundant, from theory to implementation, he presented it in a manageable way. A practical way...demonstrating techniques that we were able to implement immediately with immediate results. In four years Monty never came when called, 10 minutes into our lessons he was coming! Robert explained that it would take many weeks to get it all down, so be prepared for the work, but on day one we already have seen considerable improvement. We can now leave the house without Monty completely losing it. So happy for our little boy. Couldn’t recommend Robert abs Bark Busters more. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Robert : That is awesome! Monty is a sweet pup and you are goes are doing a great job! Thank you again for trusting me to help you.
Ishrat H
Ishrat H Staten Island, New York | January 01 2021
I adopted a rescue chihuahua named Taco from the ASPCA a few weeks ago. I thought I could handle a 9 lb. dog as my first dog, I was wrong. He had high levels of separation anxiety, always pulled on his leash, was not house trained, and most important of all kept attacking my cat to the point where she had to stay absolutely silent in her hiding place or else Taco would bark and growl at her nonstop. Robert addressed all these issues and was able to help me to get Taco to leave my cat alone. I was thankful beyond words for this because there was no way I was getting rid of either pet. I had my cat for 13 years since she was a kitten and I had already gotten very attached to Taco. Robert is patient, prompt, and very knowledgeable in the field of dog training. He is always willing to help with any questions you may have and shed a lot of light as to why Taco was behaving the way he was. Robert’s techniques really work and as a first-time dog owner, I was able to learn what exactly needed to be done so my dog would listen to my words. If you’re in need with your dog like I was, don’t hesitate to make Robert your dog’s trainer. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Trainer note from Robert : You did a great job. Taco is sweet. His aggression was really cause by fear he experienced before your brought him home. Keep up the great work!
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Jessica K Staten Island, Richmond, New York | December 22 2020
Robert is absolutely amazing! He has helped my dogs Teddy and Toby tremendously in just a few sessions. They have not only shown less aggression but started listening to simple commands, which they haven’t bothered to listen in years. Extremely grateful for Robert and highly recommend him! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
Trainer note from Robert : Thank you but you're doing a great job. They are definitely stubborn pups lol
Jazmine O
Jazmine O Staten Island, Richmond, New York | December 12 2020
Robert has been a great resource for all my puppy training needs after getting my first furry friend 6 months ago. He made 2 house visits about a month or so apart mostly to help potty train my Yorkie on pee pads and create a schedule for his day. Everything he showed me & demonstrated worked. From his first visit to his second the improvement was immense. My pup is now perfectly potty trained & even pees on command. I recently was having some issues with barking and separation anxiety. I called Robert for advice and he gave tips over the phone & asked me to try some of them while he was still on line. Later he sent me an email with more info. So helpful! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Puppy management, Separation anxiety, Toileting
Trainer note from Robert : Hey Jazmine. Thank you. You and Baby are great students lol If you need more help at any time, please reach out to me.
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Tiffani L Staten Island, Richmond, New York | December 08 2020
Robert was absolutely fantastic with our new puppy, Kobe. After a few months of losing our minds, calling Robert was the best choice we'd ever made! Kobe truly caught on quickly and made such great progress after our training session. Robert offered great tips and techniques to better take control of training, and with consistency and patience, Kobe just got better and better at listening. Puppies are a work in progress, and we could not have gotten through this without Robert's insight and expertise. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Robert : Thank you. It was great seeing you guys again. You're doing a really nice job with Kobe!

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