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  • Joe R.
    17 months ago — Royersford, PA

    Photo of Rusty and Ruby We invited Jeri in to advise us on changing the behavior of our two golden doodles of 14 months. The education presented to my wife and I was amazing and after the session, the hands-on application of the principles yielded immediate results. Jeri's patience with us was very much appreciated. I would recommend

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  • John G.
    18 months ago — Phoenixville, PA

    Photo of Louie Jeri from Bark Busters was amazing in our first dog training session! She is knowledgeable, patient, and kind with our furry friend. The techniques she taught us are easy to follow and are already making a big difference in our dog's behavior. We highly recommend Jeri and Bark Busters for anyone looking to improve their relationship with their dog. Thank you, Jeri! John G (Google 2/5/23)

  • Robin Z.
    18 months ago — Wauconda, IL

    Jeri reviewed all of the training information that we had received in 2018 and shared the updated information as well. As she showed us videos of training exercises, she explained what was happening and why so that we could understand it. Jeri reassured us that if we followed our training schedule for the 4 basic lessons, Distance Control, Door programming, Claiming Front door, and Stay by my side, we would be off to a great start with our pups. We agreed that the original training left us feeling short, but we now feel confident that we will get our dogs on track with us and it will be better for everyone. Thank you, Jeri for sharing your knowledge and being patient and thorough with us. Robyn Z (Google 2/2/23)

  • Joe M.
    18 months ago — Coatesville, PA

    Photo of Molly Jeri's reputation preceded her. After identifying Molly's problems, she instructed us what had to be done to make her a part of our world. Jeri skillfully guided us through a program that will make Molly more respectful and obedient to our wishes, provided that we take the time to work with her on a daily basis. Molly trusted Jeri, and the first training session went very well. Jeri seized the opportunity to bond with Molly, and was never overbearing. She obviously enjoys her work, and we would recommend her to anyone who would ask.

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  • Jan M.
    18 months ago — Coatesville, PA

    Jeri was extremely knowledgeable and very personable and she answered all of our concerns with Molly. We look forward to working more with Jeri through the coming weeks to help us get Molly more relaxed and calm.

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  • Barbara A.
    18 months ago — Royersford, PA

    Photo of Lewie So glad we took the training. We learned so much and Jeri was an excellent trainer. Already seeing improvement.

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  • Pam Z.
    18 months ago — Downingtown, PA

    Photo of Porter I was taught how to speak and understand “Dog”. I had no idea my behavior was contributing to Porter’s overall behavior. With consistency I can see how this will
    make the difference. Pam Z (Google 1/22/23)

  • Lindsey G.
    21 months ago — Pottstown, PA

    After just one lesson with Jerry we already see a huge difference in our dogs behavior! We have a 4 year old lab/pit and 6 month old GSD. Both have taken to this training so we'll! I have had other trainers, read books, ect without success. Jerry unlocked our dogs potential! 100% recommend Jerry! Lindsey G Coventry (Yelp 11/12/2022)

  • Samantha K.
    21 months ago — Collegeville, PA

    Jeri was great! She helped us out tremendously and we already see a difference in our dog! She taught us new ways of communicating. I felt very comfortable with her. No question was a dumb question and she made sure we had all the right tools and understandings before she left. Samantha K Collegeville (Google 11/9/22)

  • Paul C.
    22 months ago — Phoenixville, PA

    Jeri is very good and professional. I learned a lot from our first session and my dog Maggie responded very well. I'm looking forward to seeing how the training goes moving forward and have high hopes for Maggie's progress. Paul C Phoenixville (Yelp 10/4/22)