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Limerick | June 17 2010
It works! The training has given Tessa a second chance! We have our dog back! Permalink
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Malvern | June 17 2010
There is a lot of information to absorb in the first lesson. The best advice was the use of "Bah"-works like a charm for Bella, especially on walks when we encounter cats and squirrels. Just the fact that treats are not the focus is a big improvement. I'm really a wimp when it comes to dogs, so this training is as much for me as it is for Bella. There is a dog in the neighborhood that could be Bella's sister-looks and acts just like she did. I mentioned Bark Busters to her owners. Permalink
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Douglassville | June 17 2010
After the first session we saw a noticeable difference with Shammie. We like that no physical harm comes to the dog. It is just a matter of consistency in commands. Permalink
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Mont Clare | May 25 2010
Jeri was very thorough; she is a great teacher. We were skeptical at first, but the results spoke for themselves. Jackson has become a different dog. We especially like the part about dog behavioral psychology. We have plenty of friends and family that would benefit from the "bah." Jeri taught us how to interact with Jackson in a way that got through to him. Permalink
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Pottstown | May 16 2010
Jeri was incredibly focused and easy to understand. She had patience with us too! I actually recommended Bark Busters the next day at work. We noticed immediate improvements in our 3 dogs! Permalink
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E. Coventry | May 16 2010
Jeri Wagner is an excellent trainer! Permalink
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Phoenixville | May 13 2010
We had absolutely amazing results immediately. Jeri has been extremely helpful-it's like we have a completely different dog. Permalink
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Chester Springs | May 05 2010
Jeri explained the techniques and has been very willing to answer all of my questions. By the end of the training, Idgie was starting to understand what she was supposed to do and not do. I am absolutely happy with the training. I don't want my dog to learn out of fear or always need to be rewarded with food. The training was interesting for me to learn what to look for as far as body language. Permalink
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Blue Bell | May 05 2010
Jeri is such an asset to Bark Busters-she has saved our household! Permalink
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Collegeville | April 26 2010
The training was very effective; we noticed results within a couple of days of Jeri's first visit. The training method is much better than constantly giving treats to train. We would absolutely recommend Jeri and Bark Busters. Permalink

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