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Spring City | November 04 2010
Jeri is AWESOME -totally understanding and non-judgmental, providing valuable tools and "tricks" to correct behaviors. Our family and friends can't believe the difference! Permalink
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Phoenixville | August 24 2010
We needed help fast, and Jeri came within 48 hours of my call-would have been sooner if I was available! She took her time to ensure we got it before moving on. Our one dog is a nonstop barker, and we saw right away using what she taught that he was responding! We were able to see this right away-I was amazed! I love the positive reinforcements and the use of the "snaps" to get the leadership role of our "pack" known. It was very interesting and exciting to anticipate behavioral changes. Our one dog is 14-this is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Anyone getting a dog or having one with any issue would benefit from this. We are practicing daily and will continue to ensure we get all of the benefits this program taught us; it's great to see changes in our dogs' bad behavior. Permalink
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Boyertown | August 20 2010
Jeri makes everything easy to understand. Her instructions are clear and concise! Charlie no longer runs ahead of me down the steps, and I am able to control his jumping up as long as I'm attentive. I really like that I can control Charlie without causing him pain or anxiety. It's very natural techniques. Jeri taught me about more than just training Charlie to behave. She educated me on proper foods and toys too...which play a part in good behavior too. It takes time and commitment but it is WORTH IT! Keep up the great work, Jeri!! Permalink
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Chester Springs | July 09 2010
Absolutely an entirely different (better) dog! Thank you so much! Permalink
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Upper Pottsgrove | July 09 2010
Jeri is a very knowledgeable person. She cares about clients' pets and treats Willow as if she was her own. Permalink
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Phoenixville | June 30 2010
Easy to learn and follow. I like that the training is not reward (treat) based or that we need to withhold affection. Permalink
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Royersford | June 17 2010
Jeri was very friendly and explained the techniques well to both myself and my children. We saw improvements with our dog the same day! Permalink
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Eagleville | June 17 2010
I was impressed with the vast amount of knowledge Jeri imparted, as well as her enthusiasm and professionalism. Permalink
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Malvern | June 17 2010
Jeri made it simple to try techniques. It was like day and night. Lilly is a different puppy because of the techniques. We are much more at ease. Jeri is nice and friendly-makes us feel good about what we are doing with Lilly. It has been life-changing for me already. I've never had a pet and was utterly panicking until Jeri came to visit. I feel very confident about what we are doing with Lilly, and it has been very easy. Thanks to Jeri and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Limerick | June 17 2010
It works! The training has given Tessa a second chance! We have our dog back! Permalink

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