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Suzanne B
Suzanne B Schwenksville, Pennsylvania | June 30 2021
We were at our wits end with our 5year old cavalier Bailey. He had begun marking in the house on the corners of the beds, (and yes he's been fixed for ages) and barking at every loud noise/sound. Thunder coats, anxiety meds did nothing. We had NO idea that is was a lack of leadership or how to communicate to HIM that we did not want him reacting in that manner. Thunderstorms are now no big deal... a single "BAAAH" and he's moved on to something else. Jeri was WONDERFUL and cannot say enough about all the time she spent explaining the why behind the behavior. We have a different dog now and it has totally changed the stress level in our household. THANK YOU!!! Permalink
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Louise W
Louise W Pottstown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania | June 29 2021
Having Jeri here was the first step to helping us with our sweet Dexter. Also, it is our salvation by Jeri coming to see us. We have been doing this for only 3 days so far and we already see a difference in Dexter’s behavior. Jeri was very informative and patient with us while going through the lesson plan. We can’t wait to keep on seeing results every day. Permalink
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Jo-Ann O
Jo-Ann O Pottstown, Pennsylvania | June 29 2021
Jeri is remarkable . She spent several hours with myself and Abby. I continue to get great advise from her and Abby is improving every day . I would definitely recommend Barkbusters and Jeri !! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling
Marcie D
Marcie D Trappe, Pennsylvania | May 17 2021
Cooper is our 9 month old Goldendoodle. We invested many hours in training videos to teach him basic commands and correct some bad behaviors that had developed. Due to the pandemic, it was nearly impossible to find in person puppy training classes. We conquered potty and crate training on our own, but pretty much everything else was in need of guidance. Jeri spent several hours at our home with my family and Cooper and in just 24 hrs, we have all seen great improvement already. Jeri is very organized and her method of teaching humans how to speak "Dog" just works. She suggested that all family members be present for training so that we would all be on the same page in how to work with Cooper uniformly. Cooper responded immediately to Jeri and she coached each of us in all the areas we were struggling with. All of our questions were answered and Jeri is readily available to assist us putting our training into practice. So far, we are very impressed with the information and training we received. Quite happy we decided to move forward with Jeri as our partner! Permalink
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Dave R
Dave R Kennett Square, Chester, Pennsylvania | February 26 2021
My initial visit with Jeri was very helpful and informative. As a first time dog owner, I appreciated that she took the time to answer all of the my questions and to engage in conversation instead of simply talking through a lesson plan. My recently adopted 3yr old shepherd mix did not have any glaring behavioral issues that I needed to correct but she definitely needed to learn how to pay attention, not pull on a leash, and in general understand that she was not in control of our interactions. We're one week into our training routine at this point. I have already been able to see improvement in how Lulu and I are interacting and in how she is listening to my commands and body language. I know that the process will not be perfect or easy but I am encouraged by what I've seen so far and know that Jeri will be available at any point that I need help or have a question. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Other, Pulling, Recall
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CLAIRELLEN C Berwyn, Pennsylvania | February 10 2021
Many years ago....I’m thinking somewhere between 11 and 12 you helped us with our pups. We had just added a second pup to our home and the two were having a difficult time adjusting. You taught us to use the training to use with the barking and jumping. It worked then and haven't had to use them for quite a while. What is so amazing is that Max started into the barking behavior from years ago and as soon as I pulled out the pillow and shook it a couple of time all it took was like a day and his good behavior was back. I was so amazed. This is a testament that the training stays with them for a long time. I give you 2 thumbs up for coming up with training that lasts a lifetime! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Sibling rivalry
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Denise H Schwenksville, Montgomery, Pennsylvania | January 15 2021
In 2014 our family adopted a dog, Sadie, from TLC and in 2016 adopted another pup, Willy. We feel so blessed to have these furry companions in our lives. From the beginning Jeri was our trainer for all of our socialization, obedience and additional private lessons. We have always loved Jeri and the support she provides for dogs and their owners. Most recently though we had some behavioral issues with our oldest dog. I called Jeri out of frustration late on a Friday afternoon and soon after she called me back. We discussed the problems and she forwarded over some tips and things to start practicing. Surely, within a few days we noticed a huge improvement! We still have some work to do, and will continue to work on but I can't say enough great things about Jeri! She is truly the best trainer, and we are grateful to her! She Rocks! Permalink
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Jennifer V
Jennifer V Royersford, Pennsylvania | November 10 2020
I was impressed with our first meeting with Jeri. Her approach seems simple and effective. The dogs liked her, and were noticeably improved after three hours. Both are improved in certain behaviors already. One struggles with hyperactivity first thing in the morning, but is making tiny bits of progress. The other is obviously really understanding what we want from her. I'm pleased and impressed. Permalink
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Will B
Will B West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania | October 25 2020
Jeri worked with us for just a few hours and we could already tell a difference with our dog, Barkley, who has extreme separation anxiety. I was very impressed with her techniques and training plan moving forward. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Separation anxiety
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Ireland L Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania | September 14 2020
I reached out to bark busters for help with my 9 month old german shepherd / husky mix and they immediately responded the same day. Lots of information was provided to me before Jeri even came for her first visit, therefore I felt very comfortable about the experience already. After the first visit, I was very surprised how my dog was reacting to the training so quick. Just one day later, she has already seemed to be more calm and relaxed already. Looking forward to more trainings with Bark Busters to get my dog to her goals! (Yelp, September, 2020) Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Separation anxiety

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