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Norristown | March 15 2013
Jeri took the time to show us how the program will work. We noticed almost immediately positive results with Jazzy and were amazed. We liked the positive training techniques instead of punishment. It was easy to understand the principle behind this type of training. We have already recommended Jeri to friends for their new puppy. Jeri is very upbeat and handles the clients two legged variety as well as the four legged variety fantastically! Permalink
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Pottstown | March 13 2013
Jeri gave the techniques that we need to make a crazy dog mannerly. She trained me to train my dog. Permalink
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Malvern | March 01 2013
I have used some training before but this has been by far the best experience for me and Coco. Permalink
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Royersford | February 28 2013
We both felt it was such a help to have methods explained and show to us, and then doing them ourselves. There was marked improvement after the first session. We had fun and so did Heidi. We fond emails and follow up communication very helpful. Permalink
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Norristown | February 20 2013
Thank you for all of your help! We feel much better about training Prince now. Permalink
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Norristown | February 12 2013
Jeri was happy to explain in further detail if I had additional questions. I absolutely noticed immediate results. It made a huge difference. I was able to take my dog off his anxiety meds!! Jeri was great! My Enzo loved her. Permalink
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Limerick | September 19 2012
I was a little hesitant because of the price to train 2 dogs, but it was worth it. Jeri was very good. I have two big dogs and she was able to help me control them better and able to walk without too much pulling from them. Permalink
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Spring City | September 19 2012
Sometimes I got overwhelmed with the amount of info given at once, but Jeri never got annoyed with my questions and always helped me work through it! Santino still has improvements to make, but he has come SO FAR in these last 9 weeks! It took me awhile to "embrace" it but the techniques make sense once you think about it - and they work! Sometimes I was stressed because I didn't want Santino to act up/not cooperate during a lesson, but they always ended on a positive note with something I could feel good about. I would absolutely recommend Jeri. Permalink
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Schwenksville | September 19 2012
Jeri did a great job explaining. We've seen improvements in most areas. I would absolutely recommend Jeri to friends and family. Permalink
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Limerick | July 02 2012
It is amazing how quickly Buster responded to Jeri's commands. I have never owned a dog before, Jeri has been able to not only help us start to train our puppy but answer all of my questions about caring for him! Permalink

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