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Coventry | March 05 2012
Jeri was able to explain everything from our vocals to body actions, which made everything seem easier. She also explained we probably needed more training than Kaw-Liga. The natural training techniques seemed much easier for us and also Kaw-Liga. We were glad to see nothing was being used that would hurt Kaw-Liga. I think we are learning more about communication and how much easier things can be done. Our therapist, Jeri, has made our training seem easier. More importantly, the back-up support. We can always count on positive tips on how and what to do when confronted with a "difficult" situation. Jeri was able to come into our home and bond with Kaw-Liga immediately. This allowed us to start the training, with him, on a positive note. With every follow up visit Jeri has noticed the change in Kaw-Liga. She has always given us a positive feeling after her visits. Family members are very surprised to see the change in Kaw-Liga's behavior. Our experience has been rewarding. If Bark Busters' other therapists are as helpful and supportive as Jeri, we would recommend this training approach to everyone. Permalink
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Phoenixville | March 05 2012
Jeri thoroughly explained all the techniques and visually demonstrated the exercises we needed to complete. Each week we notice changes whether they're big or small. The techniques that we've been practicing have definitely been effective. We've found these techniques very effective. As long as consistency is maintained the techniques will work. We wanted someone that had the compassion for animals and we did, but at the same time could also help us with training. Jeri has been exactly this and more. She is able to relate with us and has been able to address all of our concerns. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends, neighbors, family, etc. This has been an enjoyable experience that has been worth every penny. Bark Busters' techniques truly work and produce amazing results. I was a little hesitant at first going with a bigger company, but as soon as I spoke with Jeri all of those concerns were gone. We've seen results in such a short time and look forward to continue to work with Jeri. Permalink
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Norristown | March 05 2012
Jeri did a great job of explaining the techniques in an easy to follow format. While Jeri was here we did see results, but we didn't do a great job of continuing after she left. Permalink
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Coventry | February 10 2012
We are pleased with Jeri and the training even with our dog who is a very stubborn puppy! We are seeing results. It was interesting to hear how dogs think. Even my 8 year old son could follow all the techniques. Permalink
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Pottstown | February 10 2012
Jeri has been very helpful and responsive as we try to resolve the behavioral issues we are having with our dog. Permalink
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Chester Springs | February 10 2012
Everything was explained in great detail. Murphy immediately began to respond to certain commands. We enjoyed not having to give our dog treats for everything! Jeri Wagner was very professional and very easy to talk to. She promptly responds to our questions and emails. Permalink
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Phoenixville | February 10 2012
Jeri reinforces what I knew I should work but didn't how to execute. She never made me feel stupid or inept in dealing with my doing. She was very understanding with both Daisy and me! Permalink
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Blue Bell | February 10 2012
It was amazing how effective the training is! I am amazed that we never needed treats to make the training work. The training was fun - never drawn out. This was the best training because it was done in our home where the majority of behaviors could be observed. Jeri is a superb trainer! She has made the experience so enjoyable and she is clear and concise. We have a better dog because of her! Permalink
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Blue Bell | November 07 2011
Jeri revised our training program since our dog had some serious issues from being a rescue. She went slow with us and taught us amazing techniques that has changed our dog's life. Patches has changed tremendously. She is becoming so well behaved and has made huge strides in her fears. Our dog responded to the correction sound better than the word NO. Yelling at an abused dog like mine only made it harder to train her as the natural way made her and me more comfortable. Jeri has been an amazing trainer. With Patches being a rescue we had to start from the very basic point. Patches no longer is afraid of going outside and has not had an accident in the house since only our third lesson! We are still working with Jeri on overcoming her fear of the vacuum, blow dryer and other household items like spray bottle. Patches has overcome her fear of people with the help of Jeri. She is starting to trust people more. It has been just amazing how the techniques that Jeri showed us has made our skittish, timid, fearful over everything dog into a wonderful well trained, trusting dog! I tell everyone how wonderful Bark Busters is and will definitely be using them again when I rescue another dog in the future! Permalink
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Coventry | October 25 2011
Jeri was personable and easy to understand. The first night after she left, Rocky slept through the night for the first time using the Bah, settle method. Prior to that he was up several times in the night barking. The sit/stay command is very powerful and gets his attention when he's acting rowdy. Permalink

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