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Collegeville | August 24 2009
We hired Jeri a few months before the birth of our first child. Our dog was out of control and we felt like Bark Busters was our last hope. Franklin responded to the training immediately. Now we have an eight month old and Franklin is great with him. He also is turning into the dog we always hoped he'd be. There truly is nothing better than a well-behaved dog. We could not have done this without Jeri. Permalink
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Phoenixville | August 10 2009
Jeri is very easy going and gave great tips. Bimmer was definitely better after the first lesson. I like the idea of no treats and using affection. I learned a lot about dog behavior and where it stems from. I have already recommended Jeri and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Plymouth Meeting | August 10 2009
Jeri made it simple to understand and easy to follow through. We were pleasantly surprised to see immediate results. It is so much fun to see how Snuggles is responding to the techniques used. We are very pleased with Jeri! Love all of the handouts - these really come in handy for review. Permalink
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Gywnedd Valley | July 31 2009
We have tried 3 different trainers over the past 5 years. We found Bark Busters to be the most thorough and effective. We are four weeks into the training and noticed a huge improvement in behavior for both of our dogs. We have enjoyed our trainer very much. Kudos to Jeri Wagner! Permalink
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Plymouth Meeting | June 30 2009
I have already recommended Jeri and Bark Busters to our friends. Permalink
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Phoenixville | June 30 2009
Jeri was very efficient and knowledgeable. At the end of the first training session our dogs were sitting and staying. We like the use of the voice commands and Jeri showed us that tone of voice made a big difference in the dogs' response. They seemed to have fun and so did we. Jeri was good with the dogs. Permalink
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Pottstown | June 30 2009
The training went well and was easy to understand. The goals were well laid out and provided us the necessary guidance. Permalink
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Blue Bell | June 30 2009
Jeri was very good at explaining all about the program. After two weeks we have noticeable results and are very encouraged by Max's response. Permalink
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Audubon | June 02 2009
Jeri went over everything in a very helpful and easy to comprehend manner. Our first training session actually opened our eyes to just how many behaviors we needed to address, including fundamentals. While we didn't see immediate results we benefited greatly from an appreciation for the road ahead. We are very pleased that the training techniques don't involve harsh corrections or treats. We've utilized a food approach in the past only to find it ineffectual when we had no treats to offer. We very much enjoy working with Jeri - she's a delight. The information and approach presented are also very interesting, to an extent, our training experiences are becoming more enjoyable as we see progress. Given our experience thus far we would absolutely recommend Jeri and Bark Busters. Jeri stayed with us to discuss everything over and above the allotted time. She didn't rush us and answered our questions with care and knowledge. We appreciate the accessibility and responsiveness of Jeri. It's nice to know that we can reach her in between sessions with questions or concerns that arise from our training work. Permalink
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Audubon | May 20 2009
The training is easy to understand and follow. Now it is a matter of unlearning what I'm used to doing and doing the new techniques. I definitely noticed results. Jack and Daisy both seemed more aware that they needed to listen. I like that there aren't treats involved - that gets complicated with three dogs. Also that diet and exercise and mental exercise is incorporated. The training is very interesting - as I find my patience with Daisy I'm sure it will become more enjoyable too. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters - the training is common sense and is working better than what I did on my own. Permalink

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