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Limerick | November 18 2008
We are very pleased with Yeti's response to the training technique of Bark Busters. Jeri was very helpful in showing us how to use the correct words for quick turnaround. In a short time of training Yeti is already showing better behavior! Permalink
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Malvern | November 03 2008
Jeri was great. She worked with us to help us predict behaviors and train from there. We were able to see that Lulu responds to body language very well. The techniques now seem so natural and produce great results. We learned why the behavior was occurring with us not knowing how to be the pack leader. I rave to my friend and family about how well the training is going. I was able to learn how to train myself as well as my dogs. Permalink
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Reading | October 15 2008
In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, Jeri is very professional, reliable and intuitive with the dogs. She has helped us to approach training from a broader "total relationship/hierarchy" perspective which has worked where no other trainer or program we have tried has been able to do so. Permalink
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Norristown | October 05 2008
Jeri was very knowledgeable and had good suggestions for every issue we had. We saw noticeable results immediately. Our dogs stopped jumping on the sofa right away. We were surprised by well the techniques work! I was skeptical and did not think I would learn anything new. This was really different and exciting to get specific instructions for specific issues. We were very impressed with the creative training methods. Jeri is great to work with. Permalink
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Collegeville | September 26 2008
I enjoy Jeri's visits. I work well with her approach. Permalink
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Phoenixville | September 26 2008
In the minimal amount of time I've been able to commit to the training thus far, I've seen positive changes in the dogs' behavior. Permalink
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Phoenixville | September 21 2008
So much of the training was so simple; we are just glad we found someone to show us! Lulu changed many behaviors after the meeting. She "shut down" after a while because her brain was full, but she learned so much. It's amazing how many things WE were doing wrong. We needed the training more than Lulu. It was very interesting. I loved how the BAH actually works! I would definitely recommend Jeri. She helped us realize that we were letting the dog lead us in the tiniest ways. We now won't let that happen again. This was a great experience -- for us and Lulu! Permalink
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Collegeville | August 20 2008
After the first training, we saw Kobe stay on command, which was a first. . . . Using Bah at first to train Kobe seemed a bit weird, but it is working. Going through the training material and learning how to act canine and recognizing passive dominance was very interesting. I love that the program is for life and that it is done in our home. I am very happy with the program. Kobe is very stubborn, so it will be a gradual process towards improvement but it will be worth it! Permalink
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Chester Springs | August 19 2008
Jeri made the explanations very clear and we felt that we could call or email her with questions or concerns at any time. Continuing to use the techniques is very helpful. Consistency on our part is very important. The handouts and emails are beneficial for references and clarifications. I would recommend BB and Jeri to other pet owners. Permalink
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Malvern | August 11 2008
After a week I noticed a definite improvement. We're not there yet but I see hope. The techniques are simple with big results. It takes work and commitment on the owner's part, but I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends. Permalink

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