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Phoenixville | April 03 2008
We found the training to be easy, interesting and enjoyable. We are looking forward to great results with Aces. Permalink
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Collegeville | March 24 2008
Jeri really took her time and demonstrated as much as needed. I can't wait to practice and raise a well-behaved dog. Jeri was wonderful. She even answered several questions I had the same night. Permalink
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Schwenksville | March 24 2008
We have a dog that was showing aggression towards me and our daughter. Jeri asked a lot of questions during the initial assessment about Duke's behavior and when he was acting aggressive. After the assessment, we decided to bring Duke to our veterinarian to see if he had any unseen injuries. As it turned out, he had a back injury. Without Jeri's inquiries, we would have never known about the injury. Jeri has continued to work with us and Duke and we have seen a big difference in his behavior. Permalink
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Malvern | March 03 2008
Jeri explained the training in a way that was easy to follow. Roxy is a bit stubborn, but intelligent. We are pleased with the training results. It appears to be money well spent. It is good for us and Roxy. Permalink
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Spring City | February 28 2008
The techniques were much simpler than all the advice we got from the books and the pups are responding much quicker. Jeri made the experience very enjoyable. By the second day, we were amazed how Harley and CC responded, almost like they rehearsed from the previous day. We actually found using these methods that the dogs seem to be more relaxed as well as us. We feel confident that we can get the pups to a point where everyone in our household will be much happier and content. Permalink
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Malvern | February 25 2008
Jeri was clear and concise without being condescending. I had a dog who charged the door now sitting quietly. Jeri's explanations of Missy's behaviors helped immensely. I loved it. It's worth every penny. Jeri never rushes anything. I can think of any and all questions. Permalink
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Collegeville | February 25 2008
Jeri explained the training in a way that was easy to follow. There were noticeable results by the end of the first training session with Princess. The entire experience was interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend Jeri to my friends and neighbors. Permalink

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